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Vetua Ruby Clasp bag
670,00 €
Pay in 3 instalments
233,33 €

Thanks to payment in installments with Soisy, your made in Italy leather bag Malianta purchase weigh less ... even on your wallet. Thanks to the partnership with Soisy, you can choose to pay all our products in convenient installments. Complete the online application in 5 minutes, digitally sign the contract and pay in installments at no additional cost or hidden costs.

How does it work?

1. choose Soisy as payment method

2. Pay in 3 instalments

3. Digitally sign the contract

4. Enjoy your product

Our partner for instalment payment

We always look for the best for our customers and that's why we rely on serious and reliable partners for online sales of our products. Find out more about our financial partner for installment purchases.


With Soisy you can make a request for installment from your PC or directly from your smartphone. Signing the contract will not bother you: you will receive a code via sms to sign the contract digitally.


With Soisy all expenses are included in the monthly payment, there are no hidden costs: no extra costs for preliminary investigation, stamps, or early termination, no insurance or extra policy. Nothing at all: only the cost of the product!


The request will just take 5 minutes! Enter the tax code and some general info about your work and in just 5 minutes you will be notified if the installment request has been accepted.