Malianta is Made in Italy luxury designed for digital native women with fashion attitude.
Women who are not looking for reassurance of a bag produced in thousands of copies, women able to recognize the value of a handmade bag, designed and produced in Italy at an affordable price.
A bag that you can buy exclusively online and receive in just 2 hours from the order. To create and show off your own trends before any other and to reaffirm the uniqueness of your own personality.

High quality materials, unique design and fine workmanship are the founding traits of Made in Italy luxury that Malianta has renovated and made accessible, through its exclusive online distribution and a simple and stress-free shopping experience.
A new vision that comes from the digital world opportunities and from the desire to connect with a new audience of fashionistas digital natives.
A new attitude that redefines the concept and contents of Made in Italy.

A new origin, #NativeInItaly.