Malianta's first design bags collection is inspired by the Italy of the fabulous 1950s.
Years in wich the Italian creativity in the automotive, fashion and music fields starts spreading and enstablishing worldwide, helping the birth of the myths of Italian taste and lifestyle.
In those years the Italians change their page and face the mythical economic boom on board of cars like the Lancia Appia and the Alfa Romeo Giulia.
Women wear tight-waisted dresses that enhance their femininity and feature hairstyles adorned with scarves and headbands.
Free radios and pop music are born. Domenico Modugno sings Volare as well as Dean Martin.
These are the golden years of Capri, the place to be, an island of worship for industrialists, noblemen, cover beauties and Hollywood divas.
An era that belongs to the Italian collective imagination, and that today makes even Malianta dream, with its collections of leather bags from the typical clasp closure, an indelible signature of those years.


Malianta bags are expertly handmade by master craftsmen, guardians of one of the most valuable techniques in Italy in the field of the leather bag production. A production technique applied mainly to bags with snap closure and refined in particular in the 1950s.
An artisan process that looks beyond production efficiency and aims to guarantee the highest quality and aesthetic standards. A very accurate handmade process that allows us to make and sell no more than one copy a day for each of our bags models.
It would not have been possible to recover and preserve this original construction technique, and apply it to today's Malianta's bags collections, without the rare skills and abilities of the master craftsmen chosen by Malianta. Unique bags with an original design. Made in Italy bags along the entire production chain. Bags with strong contrasts between the colors of the present and the forms of the past. Bags that give value and quality back to time and people.


Malianta bags are available only at malianta.com. In this way we reduce the distribution costs to invest more in the high-quality of materials and artisanal production and to preserve and pass on the heritage of knowledge and craft skills of one of the most prestigious productive sectors that exists in Italy. In this way it is possible to put on the market a leather bag handmade in Italy at an affordable price and for a much wider audience.

So buying a luxury product online is no longer a taboo. It's encreasing the need for quality as well as the mass of people who recognize the value and quality of a leather bag handmade in Italy, without needing to recognize a logo or visit a showroom. Early adopters, true lovers of good, strong of their taste and always looking for a new quality experience. There is nothing more topical than buying online a leather bag handmade with a technique from the 1950s and receiving it at home in just 2 hours from order.

Native in Italy

Malianta is Made in Italy luxury designed for digital native women with fashion attitude.
Women who are not looking for reassurance of a bag produced in thousands of copies, women able to recognize the value of a handmade bag... Continue reading...